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For my writing project in November (not a proper NaNoWriMo, because I'm not going to torture myself trying to write 50,000 words either longhand or on my phone), I'm writing the origins of my Triad universe--how Gabriel and Elena got together, and how they brought Ana into the mix to eventually form a polyfidelitous triad. Below the cut, I've got some nano prep character work.

big spoon/little spoon:
Neither; they usually fall asleep facing each other, and then in the night either shift so they are both on their stomachs, or sleeping back to back. If they're lying on the couch together, Gabriel ends up the big spoon by default because Elena complains that his daddy wasn't a window maker and she can't see the tv if she's the big spoon.

favorite non-sexual activity:
Both of them are big readers; Gabriel reads a lot of sf/f and a ton of comic books, and Elena loves mysteries. They have a few shows they watch together, and watching sports in their house can be fraught: Gabriel is an unapologetic fan of the Bears, White Sox, and Blackhawks (he gives no shits about basketball, but will cheer for the Bulls if he catches a game and they're playing) but Elena is a fervent Capitals fan, and cheers for Baltimore teams in other sports. They compromise by hating the Canucks and the Flyers, and stick to watching college sports together. Gabriel is a huge nerd, which is one of Elena's favorite things about him, so for their anniversary, she got them tickets to San Diego Comic Con and told him they could cosplay as whoever he wanted. 

who uses all of the hot water in the mornings:
Elena. It doesn't matter, though, because he has to be in class at 7:30, while she doesn't need to be in the office until 9. He takes the first shower while she gets coffee ready and packs him a lunch. 

what they order from takeout:
Takeout's not really their thing; if they're eating at home, both of them (but especially Elena) would rather eat something they've cooked. If neither of them feels up to cooking, they'd rather go out to the restaurant. Sushi, Indian food (the spicier the better), and Texas barbecue are their staples for eating out. 

most trivial thing they fight about:
Hockey calls and plays, and Bettman's southern expansion of the NHL. Elena is pro-expansion, Gabriel doesn't understand why you'd put hockey teams in markets with no winter. Both of them loathe Bettman after the 2004-2005 lockout.

who does most of the cleaning:
They split the chores evenly; Elena hates washing dishes and vacuuming, and Gabriel doesn't care about dusting and gets nauseated by the smell of toilet bowl cleaner. They do laundry together, and both of them are generally neat, so it's not like it's a huge chore to keep their apartment cleaned up.

who controls the netflix queue:
Gabriel. Elena doesn't care, and Gabriel has a lot of thoughts and feels about movies and directors; it does mean that their queue is slanted toward comics movies and summer alien invasion blockbusters, but whenever Elena has a movie or show she really wants to see, Gabriel moves it to the front of the queue.

who calls up the landlord when the heat stops working:
Elena, since she works for the leasing office part-time. Maintenance guys sometimes stop by just to chat, and fix something while they're there; Elena repays them with baked goods and cold beverages.

who steals the blankets:
Both of them start out the night with blankets pulled up to their chins and wake up in the morning with the covers tangled around their knees. In the two months a year that Austin is chilly, Gabriel steals the blankets a little more, but Elena just wraps herself around him like an octopus until he wakes up enough to redistribute the blankets more evenly.

who leaves their stuff around:
Gabriel has a bad habit of leaving his textbooks, homework, and case files on the dining room table, but Elena just puts bookmarks (usually napkins or index cards) in the open books, organizes his papers, and put them back on the desk in the living room.

who remembers to buy the milk:
Whoever noticed they were out of milk; Gabriel will send a text when he's at HEB or Central Market and ask if they need anything else while he's there, but Elena will just pick up the milk and get out as quickly as possible. She likes to do grocery shopping all at once, rather than picking up a few items piecemeal every few days. She grocery shops like a general going to war, and had the layout of their grocery store memorized within a month of moving to Austin. She likes to hit the store early in the morning, and will wake up early to hit the stores before 7am on weekdays so she can go when it's least crowded.

who remembers anniversaries:
Both of them remember their anniversary, although they usually don't celebrate on the day (which is on March 3--they went on their first date 03/03/03) but get each other gifts that can be used later--see: Elena getting them passes to Geek Prom.
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