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Here are the reviews for the Conjure Oils samples from the Dark Moon Lodge and Mythos collections.

Mythos Oils
From the web: Only the best for the Great Queen. Ethiopian myrrh, jasmine absolute, white musk and moonlight that goes on for eternity.
In the pip: Myrrh and jasmine were overwhelming. I didn't try it on my skin as it made me sneeze uncontrollably.
Overall: This isn't a scent I would have chosen for myself; I don't particularly care for jasmine, and the myrrh, while nice, isn't something I want to wear. It's very feminine, as befitting a perfume oil for the goddess Isis. But she's not my goddess and this perfume's not for me.
*Isis was a scent which was included free as a bonus.

Dark Moon Lodge
Rose Mead Moon (June)
From the web: A time for bonding, leading, a time for the Queen; to ripen into the role of master of her universe, to build community and unity.
Fresh oak leaves, Queen Mab roses and white ginger lily glistening with a hint of honey.

In the pip: File under: "things that make you go MMM!" This smells exactly like Midsummer to me--it really does smell of oak leaves, which is something I don't know if I can explain, but it's like standing under a huge white oak on Midsummer Night. The ginger lily is fantastic, but the honey isn't here in the pip.
Wet on skin: Smells like fresh cut flowers, like standing in a florist's shop smelling all my favorite blooms. It's got the wonderful spiciness of a bouquet of roses and ginger, but I still don't get any honey. That's all right, though, because I adore what I do get. It's very green and warm; if it stays this nice when dry, I might bump this up the list to order a bottle.
Dry: I want to shove my face into the skin of my wrist so I can smell this always. The green is back to the fore, competing nicely with the rose. There's still no honey that I can detect. Ask me if I care.
Overall: Once I work my way through my long list of sample pips to buy, this is going to be a full bottle.

First Fruits Moon (August)
From the web: What are you feeding yourself? Are you nourished and enthused, or depleted and lackluster? What first fruits can you feed yourself to sustain your passion?
A panoply of succulent fruits and berries: blackberries, gooseberries, the first apples of the season and juicy peaches sparkling with golden sunflower.

In the pip: Very fruity, with the peaches coming on strongest and a background of what might be sunflower.
Wet on skin: Peaches and apples, my skin ate this one very quickly. If I get right up on my wrist I can smell the sunflowers starting to come up.
Dry: My skin ate it so fast that I could only barely smell it after less than five minutes. :(
Overall: I liked what I smelled while it lasted; unfortunately that wasn't very long. I'll try it again another day.

Harvest Moon (September)
From the web: A time for gratitude, creativity, preparation and abundance.
Steaming chai tea served with frothy milk, brown sugar and a slice of pound cake slathered in raspberry coulis.

In the pip: Brown sugar, chai, pound cake--no raspberries. It smells like heaven.
Wet on skin: As it warms on my skin, the spice of the masala chai starts to come out even more, and the brown sugar is a perfect complement. Up close it's spicy, and at the edge of the throw it's dessert sweet, like a chai-brown sugar glaze on a perfect slice of pound cake. (Note to self, I bet that would be delicious.) Still no raspberry.
Dry: The sweetness fades and the spice takes the forefront. It's also taken the longest to dry of any oil so far.
Overall: Move over, pumpkin spice everything. This is what I'm going to smell like every day of fall for as long as I can get this perfume.

Frost Moon (November)
From the web: A time for all souls and a feast for the dead. Focus on preparation, security, and securing your roots for the coming year.
Chrysanthemum, crisp fallen leaves, wood smoke and the first chilling flakes of snow.

*Note: I'm actually allergic to chrysanthemums, so I may not get through the entire review before having to wash it all off.*
In the pip: Chrysanthemum is the strongest scent--that sort of carroty smell.
Wet on skin: Still chrysanthemums, but also a bit of the scent of impending snowfall--like standing under the stars as Thanksgiving draws near. There's also a bit of the scent of wet leaves.
Dry: It has a bit of Ol' College Try to it, which I guess is their falling leaves scent.
Overall: I'll wear the rest of this pip, but only in small doses and only sparingly. That's not the scent's fault, that's my fault for ordering a perfume I know uses something I'm allergic to as a major component. My skin's a little tingly, so it's time to wash this thoroughly off.


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