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Birthdate:Nov 25
Location:Texas, United States of America
There's a common thread running through all of us, but how often does someone find an uncommon thread, stitch themselves up with it, and learn to love the scar? --Peter Wentz

The place where you made your stand never mattered. Only that you were there... and still on your feet. --Stephen King

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I attended two private Catholic schools for 13 years, and am suitably screwed up from the experience. It makes me happy to read fanfic and webcomics--the comics I enjoy are listed in my interests. Yes, I am an asexual lesbian, and no, I don't care what you think--whether you disagree with homosexuality in general, or if you support non-binary sexuality. I. Don't. Care. I'm not a fairy from Peter Pan, your belief doesn't determine my existence one way or another.
My favorite authors are the ones who give me a plot to go along with the characters, and my favoritest of my favorites are the ones who put some effort into the world that they're building in their fiction. This applies to writers of both fanfiction and original fiction. Nothing pisses me off when I'm reading than to realize that someone has plagiarized. It offends my sensibilities as a writer and reader both. It also pisses me off when I'm reading a story, only to realize that the author has sold their integrity as a writer in order to make a larger profit, or when the author presents blatant stereotypes as accepted and verified fact.
I love to look at art and listen to music, and have even put some effort into drawing and playing a musical instrument (piano). I have been known to gack icons from people, so if you see me using one of yours and you want me to credit/stop using it, please leave a comment on one of my public entries and I will do so immediately.
I'm a feminist, a pagan, an anthropologist, and a writer.

It's tiring, always having to watch your ass
Isn't it? The price we pay to please
You think you want it, but it sours once it's yours
It must be hard to have your ass; each dimpled cheek
Inviting an uninvited pat, a lecherous look
From every shrieking teenage girl.

If you were a girl, with that pert ass
They'd look and leer just the same; it's how the other half lives. Bitch, please —
Turn the other cheek; the world is yours.

The Apple Bottom by [personal profile] norah

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